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Follender-Intensive Figure Drawing is a Program

Follender-Intensive Figure Drawing


$185 Enroll

Full program description

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 


Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday


Course Number: #9062


Monthly Cost: $185 


Class Description

Learning to render the human figure from life in a gestural, vital way is an important skill to master for any aspiring artist.  In this workshop, short, timed sketching sessions will allow participants to quickly turn the figure in deep space and represent the nude form in more dramatic and challenging poses, while longer drawings will encourage the expression of volume and weight in the subject.  These exercises are designed to establish easy-to-follow anatomical formulas and increased recognition of important body landmarks.  The sketch sessions will build confidence exponentially until students find that they can document the nude figure in dramatically less time than before, enabling them to concentrate more on the fluid expression of their marks on paper instead of the simple reportage of their subject.

About the Instructor

Greg Follender is a New York-based artist and illustrator whose passionate pursuit of rendering the human form has taken him from the dynamic world of comic books and graphic novels, to character design and costume fabrication in the industry of film and television. After receiving his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he worked as an illustrator for many years for such prestigious clients as The New York Times, Scholastic Publishing, and Time Magazine. Through his connection to these organizations and their educational branches, he eventually parlayed his love for the visual medium into instruction. Along with the classes and workshops he teaches at The Art Student League, Greg Follender continues to instruct drawing, painting, and sculpting classes at the American Museum of Natural History in their Education Department as he has for almost two decades. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in many private and public collections. He also published his episodic graphic novel, The Pugilist, in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine. Mr. Follender holds gestural life drawing workshops in La Morra, Italy annually and is deeply influenced by the draftsmanship of the Italian High Renaissance. His allegorical paintings are firmly rooted in this classical tradition, and the dynamic figure drawing tenets of that time continue to inspire his personal narrative imagery.