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DeMartin-The Basic Elements of Classical Figure Drawing is a Course

DeMartin-The Basic Elements of Classical Figure Drawing

Started Aug 4, 2021

$145 Enroll

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Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 


Day(s): Monday


Course Number: #9044


Monthly Cost: $145


Course Description 


This virtual life drawing class presents an opportunity for the artist to make a thorough study of the human figure while highlighting the basic principles of perspective, geometry and anatomy. We’ll begin with the geometric solids that will help the artist visualize the human figure in three-dimensions. Starting with the geometric construction of the cube, the cylinder, the sphere, the tapered & flared form (bowling Pin or similar), and then progressing to the plaster cast of the figure or parts of the figure. 


Learning the universal structural principles, beginning with simple forms and proceeding to more complex forms is essential for the artist to confidently draw the human figure accurately in three-dimensional space. The understanding of volume as a foundation for the modeling of form is vital in classical art, whether it be drawing, painting or sculpture. These techniques are primarily rooted in Renaissance, Baroque and 18th Century classical figurative art. 




The student is responsible for obtaining a cube, cylinder, sphere and a bowling pin or similar tapered & flared form (many on Ebay). All preferably light gray, recommended Golden Artist Colors N7 Neutral Gray Acrylic Paint 


• The Cube–no smaller than 4” (wooden, plastic) 

• The Sphere–no smaller than 4” (wooden, plastic, rubber) 

• The Cylinder– no smaller than 4” (cardboard, wooden, plastic) 

• The Bowling Pin or similar from–wooden, plastic) 




• General charcoal pencils (or similar) in medium, or Wolff’s carbon pencil B 

• Single edge razor blades or mat knife where the blade can be retracted? 

• Kneaded eraser 

• 18” x 24” Rough Newsprint Pad 

• 18” x 24” sheets of Strathmore 400 

• Drawing Board with pad clamps 


*Any plaster cast of quality is suitable, whether it’s a feature, head/mask, torso or full figure. 


Recommended cast resource is–