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Porcu-Anatomy and Drawing is a Course

Porcu-Anatomy and Drawing

Started Aug 9, 2021

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Time: 10:00 am -11:30 am 


Day(s): Tuesday & Wednesday


Course Number: #9108


Monthly Cost: $185 

Class Description

The human body is a trade-off between structural sturdiness and maneuverability. The design of the body’s muscles, bones, and joint are a magnificent compromise between stability and mobility. And since stability is necessary for our movement through space, the need to be balanced at all times ultimately determines the design of these bones, muscles, and joints. Even when standing still, the body is a “moving response” of balance against the force of gravity. Our approach in this class will be to explain the incredible phenomenon of the human body in line and value. Our goal will be to develop a useful, simplified, inner language of anatomy that automatically sees, feels, and captures this blend of balance and movement embedded in the posture of a live model in a fixed pose. In addition to drawing the model, there will be lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of all areas affecting “life drawing.’
This includes not only anatomy, but ergonomics, classical sculpture, balance, movement, perspective, and gait analysis. By explaining the body, as opposed to copying it, we can reach a plateau where accuracy of line and tone intersects with the sensual perception of a truly balanced and dynamic figure.

About the Instructor

Frank L. Porcu is a sculptor, anatomist, and painter who earned a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute and an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art. He has devoted the last seventeen years to the study of the human form, based on the truth of human and quadrupedal dissection. His research in the theories of “anatomical form-making” and its historical usages has provided him with a platform to teach to artists and physicians a “lost philosophy” dealing with the scientific construction of form.

The anatomy text he is authoring is in manuscript form, and is being updated weekly, due to the great lessons and explanations demanded of him by his ambitious students.

Mr. Porcu teaches anatomy, drawing, and sculpture at The Art Students League of New York, where he has recently brought back the appropriate study of the “Antique,” with the design and erection of the second floor Antique Cast Wall. He also lectures on stereoscopic anatomy at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons.