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Bonner-Abstraction: Inspiration & Development of Ideas -Thurs Eve is a Course

Bonner-Abstraction: Inspiration & Development of Ideas -Thurs Eve

Started Aug 4, 2021

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Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm 


Day(s): Thursday


Course Number: #9035 


Monthly Cost: $115 


Class Description

We will explore the issues central to Abstract Painting, such as nature, structure, geometry, surface, touch, mark/gesture , the human form and master paintings as potential sources of investigation and inspiration. 
This class focuses on developing each artist’s inclination to make abstract art, studying in particular how to explore one’s inspiration and ideas vis-à-vis process and using a language specific to each artist to develop coherent abstract images. This online class will take the form of a virtual studio visit, where we look at the work each artist has made during the week and explore the issues that it raises. I will give feedback specific to each artist. We are finding the discussions online have enabled us go explore the issues applicable to each artist more fully and deeply. By exploring issues Specific to each artist,  each artist will develop a deeper understanding of their own inclinations and the role they play in their painting. 

About the Instructor

Peter Bonner was born in Australia and has since studied art in London, Melbourne and New York. In 2010 he completed a research degree pursuing his interest in perception and the primitive. To this end he spent considerable time in the deserts of central Australia to understand the working methods of Australian aboriginal artists. Since then, Bonner has lived and worked in Brooklyn and has developed a personal visual language that is both metaphoric and experiential in its evocation of memory and narrative. He has received numerous awards, including winning the Dobell Prize for Drawing, Australia’s preeminent prize for drawing. Over the last twenty years, he has exhibited extensively in North America and Australia. He is represented in New York by John Davis Gallery.